Our common unique database of contacts allows us to resolve a wide range of requests and to identify rapidly the best and most effective solutions.
Our team of seasoned «Fixxers» boasting each a minimum of 2 years expérience as concierge at well-known Premium and DeLuxe hotels.
The agency was founded by a professional Les Clefs dÓr concierge with over 20 years of experience in hospitality industry.

about us

The Fixxer was founded by Pavel Nikolaev, Les Clefs dÓr concierge with an experience of over 20 years in the hospitality business. During his carrier, Pavel served as the Chief Concierge of the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel and previously of the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow. From 2010 till 2015 Pavel was a President of Les Clefs dÓr Russia.
Les Clefs dÓr was founded in 1929 and nowadays is world known brand representing the high standards of service and best quality.
Vadim Zhevnov Concierge Manager, Moscow. Hospitality experience from 2005. 5 years experience in Premium class hotels of Moscow. 3,5 years of education and working experience in Switzerland
Les Clefs dÓr Russia is a local branch of the world renowned international concierge association with around 4’000 members working in some of the best hotels in over 60 countries worldwide.
We have started to work in one team in 2010 and since that continue our cooperation which has grown into a friendship and it allows us to fixx almost any task.
Discrétion, your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities!


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Our services

Do you want to surprise or make happy someone very important for you? Are you looking for a new and unique travel experience or you do not want to be a stranger in a new city, we are ready to make a miracle as long as it’s moral, legal and/or ethical. The limits of the imagination, set time frames and the cost of delivering services do not consist our boundaries!   We have a membership system. If you want to become our club member, please send us a short note and we will set the meeting to discuss with you terms & conditions.

Local concierge

For all the people visiting Russia we offer a “Local Concierge” assistance – a tailor made personalised services in main Russian cities and worldwide. Our Fixxers will recommend to you everything must see and most interesting.  


We will assist you to select most suitable hotel for you in any city. Even if your favourite hotel is fully booked – we are able to allocate a room for you. Will organise a private jet, yacht, business class tickets, transfers and many more.

Car rental & chauffeur service

Are you looking for a chauffeur service or want to drive yourself? FIXXER will assist you with pleasure to rent a desired vehicle — business class sedan or exclusive luxury car – in any city worldwide.


Are you dreaming to visit a particular restaurant? Do you want a reputable Chef to serve for you and your guests? FIXXER will make your dreams come true.

Sightseeing tours

Local guide, speaking your mother tongue, will make your introduction to the new city very interesting, informative and unforgettable. Unordinary routs, famous and unknown sights, will be taken care by us. Fixxer will offer the best to you in any city worldwide.


Present delivery to a business partner, flowers for the beloved one or hand to hand delivery of the most important documents worldwide - FIXXER will take care about it.


Every person is familiar with the feeling: there is a great idea inside of you or a lifetime dream, but you were always thinking how to make it happen? These are our most favourite tasks, just let us know and FIXXER will take care about it.


Do you need tickets for the famous play, concert, opera or ballet, invitation for the showcase or private event: it’s our task to order and purchase these tickets for you. Are you looking for the box for the game of the year? We will take care that you meet your favourite team.

Event management

Wedding organisation, birthday celebration, unforgettable family evening or corporate event? Do you want to surprise your beloved one, relatives, partners or colleagues? Just talk to us and we offer best venues, interesting scenario, invite any artist at your choice.

Art consulting

Are you an art-collector? Art-investor? Or you just need to find an unordinary gift? Our experts are able to assist you in selecting a masterpiece, to get all necessary export papers as well as to arrange shipping, evaluation, restauration, auction sales and even forming a collection.  

Gifts & shopping

We will assist you in selection and purchase of any luxury brand, even if its not on sale at the moment. Our stylists will accompany you during your shopping and will open some hidden doors. Are you ready to surprise you partner with a unique gift? Ideas and realisation - in our hands, a wish to make a present – is Yours!



To organise a tailor made tour program for a group of Swiss bankers, which would cover major sightseeing objects and at the same time offer something new and interesting for them.


One of the guests from the group has visited Moscow on numerous occasions and knew many of the usual tourist sites. Plus the program had to be created around his time schedule requirements due to some meeting organised.


A unique program was created which met all the participants requirements in full. In addition the guests had a chance to visit a small private gallery featuring a nice collection of contemporary paintings of Soviet artists.


To buy a bottle of L’Air de Panache perfume as featured in The Grand Hotel Budapest movie.


Perfume was not on sale in Russia and none of the concierge services companies in Moscow could get it.


Once located abroad, a bottle of the perfume was delivered to a delighted guest within 4 days.


To book a table for dinner for 2 by the window at the reknowned White Rabbit Restaurant on Valentine’s Day.


The request came to us the day before when all tables were already booked.


The table was booked as required through our excellent connection with the restaurant.


To buy a pair of Carolina Herrera shoes for a guest’s 9 year old daughter , and this at 9pm on New Years Eve.


Guest had no time to go out of the hotel, plus the Carolina Herera brand is not on sale in Moscow.


Within 1 hour, 10 pairs of shoes were delivered to the hotel and the young lady was able to successfully chosen 2 pairs.


Our office is where we receive your call or open the laptop. We are mobile and always on-line

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